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Updated on 2022-03-04

At Facebook Downloader we are devoted to protecting your privacy. The Privacy Policy explicates how the personal information of the reader is collected, used, and revealed by Facebook Downloader.

These policies apply to the website,, and connect with subdomains. By getting into our service and using it, you denote that you have read, comprehend, and come to an agreement to our data collection, storage, procedure, and disclosure of the personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy statement and the Terms of Service.

Definitions and key terms

Definition of Cookies: a little quantity of information created by a site and saved by your internet browser. It is utilized to recognize your program, give analytics.

Organization: when this privacy policy specifies "Organization," "we," "us," or "our," it alludes to Facebook Downloader that is answerable for your data under this Privacy Policy.

Country: where Facebook Downloader or the proprietors/originators of Facebook Downloader are based, for this case, in the USA.

Client: refers to the organization, association, or individual that visits to utilize the Service to deal with the associations with your customers or service users.

Device: any web associated device like a mobile, tablet, PC, or whatever another device that can be utilized to visit Facebook Downloader and utilize the services.

IP address:Every device associated with the Internet is relegated to a number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. These numbers are normally relegated in geographic blocks. An IP address can frequently be utilized to recognize the area from which a device is interfacing with the Internet.

Workforce:indicates to those people who are utilized by Facebook Downloader or are under agreement to play out help in the interest of one of the parties.

Individual Data: Any data that straightforwardly, indirect, or regarding other data - including an individual ID number - considers the recognizable proof or identification of an identifiability individual.

Service:indicates the assistance given by Facebook Downloader as portrayed in the relative terms (if accessible) and on this platform.

Third-party bond: refers to promoters, contest sponsors, promotional and marketing partners, and other people who give our substance or whose items or services we think might satisfy you.


Information collected automatically

There is some data like your Internet Protocol (IP) address and/or browser and device features that are collected routinely when you make a visit to the platform.

These statistics may be used to link your computer to the Internet. Other data saved automatically could be connection data. They include browser plug-in sorts and varieties and time zone setting, operating systems and platforms, purchase history records, (we sometimes collective with comparable information from other Users), the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL) clickstream to, through, and from our Website that may contain date and time; cookie number; parts of the website you regarded or explored for; and the phone number you have brought forward to contact our Customer Services.

We may also consider the usage of browser data such as cookies, Flash cookies (Flash Local Shared Objects), or related data on convinced parts of the Website for scam prevention and some other security tenacities. Through your visits, we may use software tools like JavaScript to quantify and gather session information like page response times, the span of visits to some web pages, download errors, page contact information (like scrolling, clicks on the page, and mouse-overs), and approaches used to browse away from the web page. We may also gather some technical information to help with identifying users' devices for fraud prevention and analytical drives.

We collect some of the data automatically when users visit, use or steer the platform. These kinds of information do not disclose your specific identities such as name or direct contact evidence but may contain device and usage information, including the IP address, browser, and device features, operating system, language partialities, URLs stating, device title, nation, location, data about who and when you practice the technical information of us and others. This information is mainly required to uphold the safety and process of our, and for our in-house analytics and reportage commitments.

How do we use the collected data?

The information we gather from you may be used in one of the ways as follows:

  • To personalize the experience with better react to your specific requirements
  • To advance our service with all the information and response we receive from the visitors
  • To expand customer service by responding more effectively to customer service requests and exact needs
  • To manage the competition, advertising, investigation, or other site structures

When do we use customer data from third parties?

We collect some data from the third parties when you are getting in contact with us. It is like when you submit your email address to us and indicate concern in becoming our client, we accept information from a third party that offers automated fraud detection facilities to us.

Do we share the data we assemble with third parties?

We may share the data that we assemble, both personal and non-personal, with third parties like promoters, competition sponsors, advertising and marketing followers, and some other parties who deliver our content or products or services we think may be important to you. We may also share it with our present and future affiliated corporations and commercial partners, and if we are included in a union, asset sale, or other reorganization of business, we may also transfer visitors’ personal and non-personal data to the successors-in-interest.

We may share quotas of IP addresses, for analytics drives with third parties like application developers, web analytics partners, and ad systems. If your IP address is transferred, it may be used to evaluate the general position and other technographic including connection speed, visit records in a shared site, and the type of device used. They may maintain an of the collection information about the advertising and core of the services and lead through reviewing, studies, and reporting for us.

From where and when is data gathered from customers and end-users?

We collect the personal data from what you submit to us. We may also accept some personal information further about you through third parties as defined above in detail.

Could my data be conveyed to other countries?

We are integrated in the USA. Data that we collected through our website, via direct contacts with you, or from the services could be transferred at certain times to our workplaces or personnel, or even to third parties, around the world and maybe observed and presented anywhere in the world. And that may include some countries that sometimes may not have commandments of general applicability amending the use and allocation of such statistics.

Is the information secure?

We take safety measures to protect the confidentiality of your data. We have physical, automated, and executive procedures to help defense, prevent illegal access, uphold data safety, and use your information correctly as above explained.

On the other hand, neither persons nor security systems are guaranteed, including encryption methods. In addition, people can obligate intentional corruptions, make faults or fail to follow strategies. Even we use sensible efforts to guard the personal information that we collect; we cannot guarantee its total security at certain points. If the applicable act executes any non- rejectable responsibility to safeguard your personal data, you agree that intended misbehavior will be the standards used to quote our submission with that duty.


We may reveal data (including individual information) about you with our Corporate Affiliates. In this Privacy Policy "Corporate Affiliate" stands for person or entity that directly or indirectly steer, is controlled by, or is under communal switch with us, whether by possession or else. Any data connecting to you that we deliver to our Corporate Affiliates will be preserved by those Corporate Affiliates in agreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy here.

How lengthy do we retain your data?

We keep your data only per the requirement to provide service to you and satisfy the purposes as defined in this policy. This also applies to any party that we share your information with and who delivers our services on our behalf. When data is no longer required, we either take out them from our systems or depersonalize.

How do we safeguard your data?

We apply a range of security procedures to uphold the safety of your personal data when you place it. We highly consider the security of the server. We cannot, however, guarantee the total security of any information you convey to us or give assurance that your data on the Service may never get opened, revealed, altered, or damaged by a crack of any of our physical, mechanical, or administrative safeguards.

Overseeing law

The laws of the USA, barring its struggles of regulation principles, will oversee this Agreement and your utilization of our service here. Your utilization of our service may likewise be dependent upon other neighborhood, state, public, or worldwide regulations.

Links to other websites

The Privacy Policy here is put on only to the Services. The Services may cover links to other websites not functioned or controlled by. We are not in control of the content, precision, or opinions stated in such websites, and websites are not examined, observed, or checked for precision or completeness by Facebook Downloader, us. There, remember that for the links you use to go from the Services to other webpages, our Privacy Policy is no longer in influence. All browsing and interface on any other website are subject to each website’s individual rules and guidelines. And they use their own cookies or other approaches to collect data about you for which we have no responsibility.


We use "Cookies" to recognize the extents of our website that users have stayed at. A cookie referred a small piece of data stored on the computer or device by your web browser. With cookies, we try to personalize the content you see on our website. And most of the web browsers can now be set to disable the use of Cookies. But cookies are important to get a website function correctly. We do not ever place Personally Identifiable Information in Cookies.

Promoting/ Advertising

Promoting keeps us and large numbers of the sites and services you utilize for nothing. We strive to ensure that ads are protected, inconspicuous, and as important as could really be expected.

Cookies for Advertising

Cookies make advertising more operational. Without cookies, it would be not easy for an advertiser to reach its actual audience, or to recognize how many ads were shown and how many clicks are reported.

Remarketing services

Yes, we use remarketing services. But what does Remarketing means? In digital advertising, remarketing (or retargeting) is the act of serving promotions/ ads across the web to individuals who have effectively visited your site. It permits your organization to appear as though they're "following" individuals around the web by serving advertisements on the sites and the platforms they apply most.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Assuming we choose to change our security strategy, we will post those changes on this page, or potentially update the Privacy Policy adjustment date beneath.

Third-party services

We might show, incorporate or make accessible third-party content (counting information and different product services) or give connections to third-party sites or services ("Third-Party Services").

You recognize and concur that we will not be answerable for any Third-Party Services, including their precision, fulfillment, practicality, legitimacy, copyright consistency, lawfulness, conventionality, quality, or some other angle thereof. We don't accept and will not have any obligation or obligation to you or some other individual or substance for any Third-Party Services.

Third-party Services and links thereto are given exclusively as accessibility to you and you access and use them totally notwithstanding the obvious danger and liable to such third-party agreements.

Tracking techniques we use

Cookies: Cookies are used to enhance the presentation and functionality of our service but are non-essential in the use. But without cookies, certain functionality like videos may become inaccessible or would be required to enter your login like details every time you visit as we have no proof that you have previous visits to the service

About General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We may be gathering and using information from you if you are accessing from European Economic Area (EEA), and here in this part of the Privacy Policy, we explain how and why this data stored is. And of course, we reveal how we preserve this data under safety from being replicated or used in the incorrect way.

What does GDPR mean?

GDPR is EU-wide privacy and data security law that orders how EU residents' data is sheltered by companies and improves the control the EU people have, over their private information.

What is personal information?

Personal data has referred any information that connects with an identifiable or identified individual. GDPR covers an expansive range of data that could be utilized all alone, or in blend with different pieces of data, to recognize an individual. Individual information stretches out past an individual's name or email address. A few models incorporate financial data, political suppositions, hereditary information, biometric information, IP addresses, actual addresses, sexual orientation, and identity. The Data Protection Principles incorporate necessities, for example,

  • Personal data stored must be treated in a fair, lawful, and clear way and should only be used in a manner that a person would realistically assume.
  • Personal data should only be gathered to achieve a specific determination and it should only be used exactly on that. Administrations must state why they need the personal information together when they tend to collect it.
  • These data should be held no lengthier than required to accomplish its purpose.
  • Those people with GDPR coverage have the right to enter their own personal data. They can also appeal a copy of their data, and their data be reorganized, removed, controlled, or progressed to another organization.

What is the importance of GDPR?

GDPR adds on new necessities concerning how companies should protect people's personal data that they assemble and get under progression. It also promotes the risks for compliance by increasing implementation and striking greater fines for breach. And further, it is purely the right thing to do. At Help Scout we intensely believe that your data privacy is of utmost importance and we already have firm security and privacy practices.

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