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For all the Facebook fans out there, the FDownloader is the best tool that makes video downloads instant and one click away. Facebook Downloader is a tool 100% online and available for free. The tool features a minimal design aiming the maximum user contribution.

Did you know? Facebook is the most used social media of all time with over 2.6 billion active users monthly. Facebook has grown from a platform to share your opinions, connect with people everywhere, to work for different personal and commercial drives. But what does Facebook fail to offer? Yes, that is where you attempt to download Facebook videos for offline viewing. But that would no longer be trouble where FDownloader appears making it perfectly resolved.

What is FDownloader?

FDownloader is a super effective, simple, user-oriented tool to download Facebook videos and photos in high quality. The tool involves no downloads or complex installations and is available 100% free online. Get the favorite videos on smartphones with its compatibility through iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and on any desktop including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Tablets. Facebook Download brings wide compatibility and maintains the best overall through continuous updates.

FDownloader is a supportive tool that makes videos from Facebook and images that you want in excellent quality downloaded through any web browser. It smoothly operates through Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, CM, Dolphin, UC, etc.

Download unlimited Facebook videos and images through Free Facebook Downloader. It is simple and made to make life easier. So, why not giving a try?

Why choose FDownloader?

Did you ever ask yourself, why anybody would use Facebook Downloader? And why it is FDownloader over any other competitors out there?

People from around the world use Facebook which is the most active and staple social media platform all the time. It had a smash hit beginning and continues to grow for an energetic present. So think how big the platform is and how powerfully it integrates? But never let a little fail to distract.

Facebook does not allow users to download videos offline and get them on the device memory card or hard disk. When it is not default a function, you need the support of a reliable third-party tool to go ahead. Meet the professional assistant, Facebook Downloader. It is free, super-fast, and highly efficient!

Best of FDownloader Features

FDownloader stands out from the rest with the support of a number of useful features. From support, availability through the process, Facebook Downloader appears smart and on top of all leading a high competition to the alternatives.

So what makes Facebook Downloader the best?

  • Completely free to download
  • Fastest download speed
  • Instant downloads in a click
  • High-quality Facebook video and images download
  • Require no subscriptions, downloads, and installations
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Receive continuous updates

How to use FDownloader on PC?

The best way to download videos and photos from Facebook is FDownloader which is totally free to access and brings everything in a comprehensive work-frame. It is only a click away once you access Facebook Downloader from the browser on PC or mobile. Hit the download button and choose the location where do you want to find your files saved.

  • Step 1 : Visit Facebook from the PC
  • Step 2 : Go search for any video you want to download on the device
  • Step 3 : Select the video, expand the options from the right-top corner and copy the video link. If not you can simply open up the Facebook video and copy the link from the address bar

  • Fdownloader facebook Downloader

  • Step 4 : Now, go to the FB Downloader online from the browser and paste the copied URL into the input box

  • Fdownloader facebook Downloader

  • Step 5 : Hit on the “DOWNLOAD” button right next to the URL input box
  • Step 6 : You will now see a preview of the video of which under you will see “Download SD Video” and “Other Formats” and the Download option again

  • Fdownloader facebook Downloader

  • Step 7 : Your file will download automatically with a few seconds
  • Step 8 : Hit the right option and continue with the download

How to use Facebook Downloader on Mobile?

  • Step 1 :Open Facebook from the mobile browser or the app
  • Step 2 :Search for any Facebook video that you want to download on the device
  • Step 3 :Select the video; pick the option “share” from right-bottom
  • Step 4 :Slide right through share to options and find “copy link”

  • Fdownloader facebook Downloader

  • Step 5 :Now, go to FDownloader online and paste the URL in the input box
  • Step 6 :Hit “DOWNLOAD” and see the preview of the selected video
  • Step 7 :Now select either “Download SD Video” or “Other Formats” and continue to download
  • Step 8 :You can now find your file downloaded on the device in a few seconds

  • FDownloader is not in any way linked, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, administered by Facebook. We do not host any pirated/ copyright content on the webserver. Facebook videos and photos are directly downloaded from the Facebook CDN servers.