Facebook Live Video Downloader

Facebook Live Downloader

Are you worried about missing Facebook live; and thinking about how happy you would be if you can Download Facebook Live? Looking for a fast, safe and free way to get your videos?

Yes, that is now possible with Facebook Live Downloader.

You can Download Facebook Live Video now from FDownloader for totally free without any hassle. We are introducing the best free online tool Download FB videos to get your favorite videos from Facebook including live videos to your PC or mobile to watch anytime later. This is free for now and every day!

This ultimate downloader tool is 100% online and requires no software downloads. Thanks to its supportive online web interface, video Facebook download is instant and no complications involved. We at online Facebook Downloader optimize the tool every day to make it reliable and fast. The best thing is Facebook Downloader online is 100% online tool that can access from desktop and mobile without any add-on, program or software installation.

The support of Facebook Video Download app extends to iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and all devices. And it can support any browser including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Firefox and etc.

Download Live Videos from Facebook Live Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is popular for its live video downloader feature which functions fast, easy in three steps and 100% free and safe. The tool allows download live Facebook videos in high-quality MP 4 format right into your device.

Note: The tool supports downloading Facebook live videos only after live streaming is ended

How to use Facebook Live Downloader?

Want to have your Facebook favorites on your device to watch anytime later; here are three easy steps to go!

Step 1: Find your Facebook Video

Copy the Facebook live video URL by simply right-click on the video.

Fdownloader facebook Downloader

Step 2: Paste video URL

Go to FDownloader online from PC or mobile and paste the Facebook live video link on the given input box.

Fdownloader facebook Downloader

Step 3: Download Facebook Live

Hit “Download” right next to the input box and enjoy!

Fdownloader facebook Downloader

Never be late to grab your favorites! If you missed live, get it fast, totally free and easily on the PC or mobile to watch anytime later. Get Download Facebook Videos and save any video directly from Facebook watch to your mobile or computer for free without any software download, payment or setting up.

Facebook Downloader is 100% safe and a reliable tool to use on any device. We as a team work regularly on improving the Facebook Downloader tool work frame, download speed, quality and overall user experience. Let your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media know how successfully Facebook Downloader works for you!

Happy downloading!

Watching your favorites anytime later from your device is so worth it! Then why wait! Get Facebook Videos Online for free with FDownloader. It is 100% safe, easy to use, and comes under regular inspections of the developing team to grant the best service to the user.

FDownloader is not in any way linked, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, administered by Facebook. We do not host any pirated/ copyright content on the webserver. Facebook videos and photos are directly downloaded from the Facebook CDN servers.